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Professional Certified Life Coach | Basketball Coach | Motivational Speaker | Published Author 

| Founder of Your Life Destiny

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I Am More Than Just A Life & Business Coach I Am Destined To


you to look beyond what the eyes can see, set high goals for yourself, and your business. 


your mind to conquer the power of self-doubt and achieve your dreams and desires. 


yourself and your business to not only become successful but profitable. 


Basketball Coach R. LaShun Williams

What better way to give back than to build future leaders. I help young girls of all walks of life discover and develop the best of who they are. I teach the power of  good self-esteem and handling the things life can throw at you like a lady!

Its Time to Pay It Forward

· Maybe you are coaching because your child is on the team.


· Maybe you’re a teacher and coaching is part of the job description. 


· Perhaps you simply like the sport. 


Regardless of the reason, you are a coach, and with that position comes great responsibility. 

At a time when America’s young women are bombarded by confusing messages about who they are and what roles they are expected to play, you have the opportunity to provide direction. 


Coach Williams revolutionizes conventional coaching techniques as she demonstrates how proactive coaching can transform girls into confident women, equipped for the challenges that lie ahead. 


Learn more than just how to win a tournament. Find out how to inspire, motivate and build character in the girls on your team. 

It's Time to Make True Change

Be more than just another coach. Embrace your role as a true leader. Make a lasting  impact; leave a legacy. Transform a life today.  

Kelley Byrdsong

"This book truly can transform the way you coach young ladies and interact  with them on and off the court or field. Coach LaShun gives examples of  how to be a successful coach and mentor backed by evidence and research  of how it really does have a positive impact on players. Whether you  coach or not, if you work with young ladies this is must read. It will  help you build a stronger "why" for what it is you've committed to as  well as teach you how practically how it looks to coach, and build  relationships that help girls become successful women. I've been SO  blessed to have Coach Williams in my life for over 10 years now.  Throughout the years, she's been selfless, an amazing mentor, counselor,  and motivator. She's a wealth of knowledge because of her experience  dealing with diverse groups of people, and diverse bodies of work. She  is ALWAYS professional leaving you with a quality of work, sound  judgment, and great experience that is unrivaled."