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As a basketball coach, you have one of the most important and exciting jobs in the world!

Maybe  you are coaching because your child is on the team. Maybe you’re a  teacher and coaching is part of the job description. Perhaps you simply  like the sport. Regardless of the reason, you are a coach, and with that  position comes great responsibility. At a time when America’s young  women are bombarded by confusing messages about who they are and what  roles they are expected to play, you have the opportunity to provide  direction. 

Coach Williams revolutionizes conventional coaching  techniques as she demonstrates how proactive coaching can transform  girls into confident women, equipped for the challenges that lie ahead.  Learn more than just how to win a tournament. Find out how to inspire,  motivate and build character in the girls on your team. Be more than  just another coach. Embrace your role as a true leader. Make a lasting  impact; leave a legacy. Transform a life today.

· It  is a great day to be a girl in America, or is it? While this is a time  of opportunity, we have a long way to go in building a strong workforce  of confident, empowered young women. 

· Guess who is positioned to influence these young women? You already know the answer, it is the coach. 

· At  a time when America's young women are bombarded by confusing messages  about who they are and what roles they are expected to play, you have  the opportunity to provide direction.

· The  techniques you learn in this book will help you win games. 

However,  through my two decades of coaching and training in youth basketball, I  have learned that life coaching is essential for success both on and off  the court. I'm not just going to teach you how to coach a winning team.  I want to show you how to impact young women for a lifetime.

· Your players look up to you. They listen to you. And you have the opportunity to make a POSITIVE IMPACT  on their lives.

Coach  R. LaShun Williams travel doing motivational speaking with schools and  youth organizations, which has increased since the release of her book,  Throw Like A Girl: How Good Coaches Transform Girls Into Successful  Women. She wrote the book to make coaches aware of how important their  role is as a coach and how they affect the players they coach. She  conduct clinics and camps, to develop youth on their fundamental  basketball skills. She coach basketball using life coaching techniques  to provide the young ladies skills they can use both on and off the  basketball court.

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