Coach R. LaShun Williams

Professional Certified Life Coach | Basketball Coach | Motivational Speaker | Published Author | Founder of Your Life Destiny


"I coach because of the joy I get out of seeing a group of people come together for a common good. There is nothing better than helping to guide a group of people, watching them improve, and seeing them reach the peak of their potential."

What Makes Coach Williams Different?

MODERN: Coach Williams speaks and presents with a modern and fresh perspective. She finds a way to invigorate the material, communicate it more effectively, and connect with the audience.

CUSTOM: She believes presentations aren’t about the speaker; they’re about what the speaker can bring to the audience and give them to take away. Tell her about your event and audience, what you need, and how she can help. Coach Williams’ presentations are customized for you.

ENERGY: Coach Williams also believes too many speakers lose their value just because the delivery is flat or uptight. She wants to leave her audience energized and ready to take action. She shares the ideas, but also her excitement for them.

Wait No Longer

Learn more than just how to win a tournament. Find out how to inspire, motivate and build character in the girls on your team. Be more than just another coach. Embrace your role as a true leader. Make a lasting impact; leave a legacy. Transform a life today. 

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