"Whatever you believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside."

Life & Empowerment Coaching


3 Month – Weekly 60 min sessions

This  will help you evaluate yourself and your life to gain clarity, purpose, direction, fulfillment, balance and happiness.

Live a healthier life with less stress, stronger relationships and greater success.

How much is truly living worth to you?  Most people would say mental and emotional freedom is priceless. 

Success Plan - (60 Day Program)

The program is all about setting goals and objectives while identifying those things holding you back. 

Clarity Session (90 Min)

This session is all about de-cluttering your mind and helping you gain clarity on what you want in life. 

You see others making major steps in their lives and you want the same...

It's all about decisions, you have to decide that your happiness and peace of mind is worth it. 

Your Life Destiny - Life Coaching

My passion is to help you manifest your destiny.

 I remember one day years ago I stopped and realized that I was living a good life. I had the keys and I could help other people create destiny in  their personal and professional lives just as I'd created them in mine. I  knew the formula. For over 20 years I have traveled teaching people the secrets to living happy and successful lives. 

LaShun Williams Coaching: 

 Session Topics:

  • Understanding your Story and why it plays such an important part in your life now.
  • Learn what you are truly afraid of, and why. 
  • Learn how to turn fear into fuel for motivation to get the life you want 
  • Learn the important transformation of going from being  Re-active to being a Pro-active.
  • Learn how to go with the flow of your life.
  • Learn how to truly appreciate and focus on living in the moment.
  • Understand the importance of finding and using the proper “resources” to help create a sense of control and safety in your life.


What You Will Gain From Coaching Sessions with LaShun Williams:

  • A safe environment to share your pain
  • Someone to listen and provide support and understanding
  • Necessary timely skills and techniques to help you cope with your emotions
  • Reassurance and guidance throughout the different stages of your journey
  • Pro-active ways of thinking and responding to move beyond unhealthy “reactive” living
  • Necessary tools to apply daily to help you move toward healing and healthy living
  • New found strength, confidence, and peace of mind
  • And empowering new belief in yourself and your ability to cope and be happy again

You see others making major steps in their lives and you want the same...

It's all about decisions, you have to decide that your happiness and peace of mind is worth it. 

What Clients Are Saying:

"She  goes well beyond the call of duty always there for you when you need  her. Extending a helping hand making the session feel more like a conversation among friends rather than a Q&A. She was able to  pinpoint some of the problems in my life and give me great advice and  exercises to overcome these obstacles. She always told the truth no  matter if I wanted to hear it or not which I really valued about her.  Sessions always had a key target focus and activities on areas that I  needed to work on and which made me look forward to our meetings."

                                                                                             Todd A.  

"Coach R. L. Williams' service and professionalism goes above and beyond  one's expectations. She sacrifices her time to see others succeed. She  has dedicated herself to help others become well-rounded individuals, incorporating their personal, professional, and spiritual growth in the  process. I am grateful to know to her!

                                                                                           Scooter P. 

"Coach R. L. Williams, what can one say? She has genuine passion as a  change agent for the betterment and quality of adults and specifically  children's lives. She always holds a professionalism about herself, yet  knows how to have fun in presenting and working through the task. So, if  anyone is seeking a coach of quality, integrity, values and more, look  no further because Coach Williams is the right individual for your  needs.

                                                                                              Eric D.